Leed Platinum

East Los Gatos

In 2008 an innovative young couple set out to create a beautifully designed net-zero energy, LEED Platinum example for the Los Gatos community. Focusing on conserving and reusing water, healthy indoor air quality and using its home automation system to enhance its comfort the home functions as a showcase for emerging technologies.

This energy efficient home uses a combination of methods to reduce energy consumption. The house is comfortable, naturally lit and ventilated and generates renewable energy equal to the electricity that it consumes. The solar photovoltaic system provides the electrical power for the ventilation and space conditioning equipment while the passive solar design requires less heating and cooling energy to be used overall.

A night flush ventilation system uses the central staircase as a thermal chimney that induces convective flows through the house. Heat from shower and bath water is captured while the graywater becomes part of the rainwater collection system that flushes the toilets and irrigates the landscape. Low-flow plumbing fixtures reduce the domestic water consumption by 40% and solar thermal collectors heat the pool water.


  • Architect Heidi Hansen Architect
  • Interior Designer Game Plan Design
  • Landscape Architect HLD Group
  • Photos Sharon Risedorph